What can we do for you?

Provide sound advice and solid services in all things CDM.

Our brand of CDM Consulting can help your firm be a force for good and demonstrate its corporate social responsibility with a financially sound investment.

Our NGO takes a transparent, direct approach to social and environmental projects, keeping administrative overhead to a minimum. Specializing in carbon offsetting, we get projects accredited by the UNFCCC and help voluntary buyers who wish to buy carbon allowances.

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Our service range comprises

How we can support you

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Our service range comprises Top back to top

How we can support you:

- Registering and accrediting CDM projects
- Tax consulting (tax breaks and exemptions for donations)
- Monitoring reports
- Analyzing environmental and social trends, and providing an intranet info service
- Organizing CDM projects tailored to each company's needs
- Legal consulting
- Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
- Social Environmental Impacts (SEA)
- Natural Environmental Impacts (NEA)
- Advertising and marketing
- Evaluating
- Training on legal provisions and environmental laws
- Managing volunteer programs for the investing company's staff


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Make a difference

You want to know exactly how your investment investment in a social or environmental initiative will make a difference. Our job is to provide this insight.

To this end, we analyze the potential investment, assess risks, and present our report. Your firm gains a clear understanding of carbon markets and how it will benefit by investing in a GreenLife Carbon Credit Portfolio (GCCP).

These standards and expectations are the code by which we conduct our affairs and protect our investors. Rest assured when you invest in our carbon portfolios you will get high-quality CDM credits.

Everything we do is done to ensure our clients' investments make a change for the better in local communities and environments.

Our organization's standards and our clients' expectations are high; to live up to both, we monitor the project personally from start to finish.

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